Peanut and Cashew have been with us for more than three months now!  We’re so attached to those little babies!  If you had told me six months ago that I’d spend my evenings holding turtles to keep them warm….or worse, that I’d be cutting worms with razor blades as part of my daily routine…I would have thought you were crazy!  These are the two most spoiled turtles in the world!  (Did you know that they love it when you feed them their worms one at a time with tweezers?  hehehe.)  I don’t know what we’ll ever do when we go on vacation.  We’re going to have pages and pages of directions for whatever poor soul agrees to take care of them! :)

I took pictures of them back in May.  They posed with my cell phone and a quarter so we could see how much they were growing.  I knew Peanut was growing, but I wasn’t completely sure about Cashew.

Here’s Cashew’s growth progression:

May 2012 is on the left. Today’s pic is on the right.

Other than the fact that I wasn’t perfect with my photography, can anyone see any difference in the size of this turtle?  I really almost could not tell which pic was from May and which was from August!  I’m just glad I could check to see when the picture was taken!  Poor little runt!  :)  I do think his shell has gotten a little taller, but you can’t tell that here.

Here is Peanut:

May 2012 is on the left, today’s pic is on the right.

I think Peanut has definitely grown.  He’s gotten very round and wide.  He is also much heavier than he used to be!  (This makes sense.  He eats everything!)

We’ll have to check back again in a few months more.  Maybe Cashew will hit a growth spurt.

In the meantime, we’ll just keep cutting up worms, sharing fruit, and giving them a warm place to snooze.  :)

One of my favorite pictures right now. Peanut was trying to explain that they were finished swimming and were ready to go back to their warm cage. Those little teeny legs can’t hold all that weight! hehe!!