Our turtles reaped the benefits of feasting on peaches just in time for Thanksgiving –

Love the way Peanut has to sit IN the plate….while Cashew eats daintily from the side.

David and I went way more casual this year for Thanksgiving than what we even usually do.  Generally we go to Denny’s for Thanksgiving.  This year, we both worked and then we came home and ate pasta!  (So see, I actually COOKED on Thanksgiving!  I think that’s remarkable.)  We’re going to have nachos here in a little bit.  Super easy.  It cracks me up the way everyone complains and complains about cooking for Thanksgiving.  That is all I have been hearing about for weeks now.  It’s not a law that you have to kill yourself in the kitchen for this one little meal!  Do what you like and be happy.  It’s just better.

We also (finally!) went to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!  Wow, that was a good movie!!  That wasn’t really my favorite book (er….part of book, I guess) in the series, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie.  Go see it!  (And yes, I did work the Twilight Marathon and Premiere day last Thursday.  That was a crazy day!  We sold out our entire cinema – entire building! – for the premiere.  It was tiring and fun at the same time.  Everyone was excited and actually pretty easy-going about it all, so that made it nice.)

I got a nice surprise last week that made for a good Thanksgiving gift – no more endocrinologist visits!  YAY!  Remember last year – 2011 – when I was diagnosed with thyroid issues?   They put me on synthoid even though I never had any symptoms and my bloodwork results were irritatingly inconsistent in every way.  Well, I played nicely and took the pills as prescribed, and I did all my bloodwork, and did all my doctor visits and everything else.  I finally asked to get off the medicine last December, just to see what would happen.  I still had no symptoms and the bloodwork had not changed significantly since being on the medicine.  I went through all of 2012 getting lots of labwork done and it just kept coming back normal.

So, the endocrinologist decided that since everything has been normal for so long that I must be okay!  She still insists that I have Hashimoto’s Disease, but that it must be in remission.   No matter, I say.  I feel symptom-free and my lab results seem to agree with it, so that’s exciting!  I will take that good news any day!  Happy thanksgiving to me!

Here’s to fewer doctor’s visits in 2013.  I was getting famous in the lab at the doctor’s office though.  My tiny, hard-to-find veins were a true challenge to everyone.  (And they were in love with my Peanut and Cashew stories.  :)  Who wouldn’t be?)