Our little Cashew is getting famous!

A friend at work told me last week that she saw a turtle picture on the morning news when our local ABC station, KTBS,  was doing a segment on pets for their morning news broadcast.  One of the co-anchors, Wendi Redman, mentioned that she had a turtle and showed a picture of him.  I was so sad that I had missed that!  I watch parts of the news most mornings in between the treadmill and getting ready for work.  I thought about it all day, and that evening I finally emailed Wendi about her turtle and I attached a picture of me with Cashew.

She responded!  She asked me if she could possibly use my pic on the air sometime soon.  Neat!  So we started obsessively watching the news all week to see what would happen.  Here’s the story:

So cool!  I was really surprised to see myself on tv, hehe.  I almost don’t even mind being called “Athena”, hehe, but just this once!   :)

As for Cashew, he seems determined not to let all this new-found fame go to his head!  He did take an extra long bath this morning, but other than that, he’s just trying to keep it real.