Our Little 3-Year Olds — May 7, 2015

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Peanut and Cashew are turning 3!  I’ve been looking through some of their “baby” pictures lately and have been really surprised at how much they’ve grown up.


One of their first pictures together, May 2012.  Peanut is a little bit older than Cashew, and is definitely a little larger here.  He’s also a little lighter in color.


So tiny!  They usually slept pretty close to each other in their cage back when they were babies…


And sometimes, we’re lucky enough to catch them still sleeping in a row!  (Peanut’s still a little lighter in color, but Cashew’s done a lot of catching up in size.  He’s actually a little bit larger than Peanut now, and he’s got more shell growing in!)

We just recently had to start separating them into their own cages, so they’re independent turtles with their own rooms now, hehe.  They are both males and we think they were competing for space, so now they have cages across the room from each other, within viewing distance of each other.  I think they’re happier with this arrangement, and they’re still friends — they get to hang out together when we’re home with them.


I love this picture of Peanut standing up on those little spindly legs he used to have!  He’s much larger than Cashew here…


And they actually used to be able to share their water bowl!  (Please excuse Peanut’s wide rear end…he still has that feature….)


Cashew, present day,…same water bowl….but now he takes up the whole thing all by himself……

And we had to take action on Peanut’s wide rear when he really started expanding and could no longer fit in the log hideout in his cage….


He was doing a Winnie-the-Pooh every day trying to run and hide in his log!  It was really hilarious and he somehow always made himself fit, but we finally stopped laughing at him and got him a larger log.

Turtles at their first Christmas:

Peanut and CashewNovember2012Christmas

They both have always considered David to be their own personal climbing toy.  Cashew’s new game is to swan dive off David’s desk and into David’s shirt, using it as his trampoline.  (We’re going to have to get a video of it.  He really commits to it!)


Peanut is hiding under David’s collar, back when he was small and still fit under there.  Cashew is on David’s hand, about to take off and climb the rest of the way up…it was a long climb back then.

CashewTurtlePowerOct2014Cashew has Turtle Power!

Peanut and Cashew November 25 2012 021

Of course, this was the baby pic of Cashew that made him famous.  :)  Still one of my favorites of him!

So I couldn’t resist a redo….

GrowingCashew2Peanut’s baby pic…

PeanuteyesclosedMay2012And now, he’s bigger than a handful…

PeanutinHand2015But he still loves to be held.  He loves nothing better than to sit and watch tv with us.

And if Cashew’s famous pic is my favorite of him, then I also have to share my favorite pic of Peanut:


So so cute!  He was sitting in my lap asking to eat, and his expression here is just too cute.

It’s been a fun and interesting 3 years.  We’ve learned a lot about our little chelonians, and we’re sure to continue learning more as they continue to grow and mature!


Peanut’s (Totally G-Rated) Shower Scene — December 30, 2014


Peanut’s video from one day (earlier in the year) when he was really enjoying the water spigot outside.  He had so much fun!

(Ironically, he is not really a huge fan of the water when we are inside the house.  He gets his drink and then he’s done and hops out.  Cashew is the one who will sit and soak in the water bowl (aka, his bathtub) in the mornings.)

On Following the Shells Around the Yard — December 27, 2014


The weather has been too chilly to take the turtles outside lately, but considering that Cashew has spent almost the entire day today walking around the house, I figure he’s getting good exercise anyway.  (He loves to come check on me when he doesn’t see me for awhile.  I was making pizza a little bit ago, and he kept coming around the corner and into the kitchen to take a peek.)  Peanut, of course, is spending his time wrapped up in his towel.  He likes to be warm and cuddled.  He’s got his head out and is looking around, but is making no effort to run around with Cashew.  He does watch Cashew go past every so often.

I got some pictures of them recently when we were outdoors.  Cashew is the adventurous one. (Cashew, the Ninja Turtle) He’ll go over, under, and around anything.  And, everything is fair game when it comes to food.  He loves to pick up acorns and move them across the yard, and if a small bug or snail shell comes into his path – down the hatch!  He loves to go outside.  If I am by myself, I usually just take him and leave Peanut inside because Cashew is such a handful to keep up with.


He was trying to climb the wall here.  There was also a broken piece of pottery nearby that he carried around from place to place almost the whole time we were outside.

Peanut, my clingy turtle, ….never wants to leave my hand!


He had no intention of ever getting down.  (And note how huge he’s gotten – he hangs off either side of my hand now!) Cashew gets squirmy just as soon as he smells the outside, but Peanut starts trying to burrow closer and closer to me so he doesn’t have to get down.  Put Cashew down and he’s off running!  Put Peanut down and you get this:


Pitiful turtle who won’t stray very far.  :)  He’s so cute though.  In this pic, he was seconds away from running over and pressing his shell against the arch in my shoe.  He leans against my shoe so hard that if I move my foot he stumbles to regain his balance.  Poor little thing.  (And he loves it when my pants are long enough to cover him up completely when he’s against my shoe.)

There is only one thing that Peanut loves about being outdoors — our water spigot.

We have a water spigot that sits a few inches from the house.  We turn it on when the turtles get close to it so they can get a drink if they want one.  Peanut just loves it!


Peanut takes a full shower when he water is running.  He lets it beat down onto his back and he gets into this little pool and drinks and drinks.  He was putting his head under and really enjoying it…..


…until he looked up and realized I was standing nearby.  Then he ran out of the water and stood up against my shoe again.  Enough outdoors for today!

Cashew, though, is really never ready to come inside,

I always make him get a drink when he comes in,

2014-12-27 14.54.24

but his longing looks outside tell me where he’d really rather be still…

2014-12-27 14.53.37

Two turtles, but completely different little creatures!

I Remember When You Were Knee-High to a Grasshopper! — October 6, 2014


David was sorting through some of his work papers the other day.  He found this picture in the midst of his papers and showed it to me:

The Smallest Turtles!

       The Smallest Turtles!

I could not believe that Peanut and Cashew had ever been so tiny!  (Cashew is the smaller one at the top.  Peanut is the lighter, larger one at the bottom.)  It just reminded me of how much they have grown in the two+ years that we’ve had them.  They have just gotten massive!


July 2012:

Just a baby!

       Just a baby!

October 2014:


Peanut has always been the larger of the two.  He has grown steadily the entire time we’ve had him.  He’s super sweet and loves to just be close to us.  He is the happiest when he’s asleep in the crook of my arm when I am sitting on the couch watching tv.  I am pretty sure I could just carry him around 24/7 and he would think it was great.  He’s a cuddler.

I always kind of thought that Peanut might be female, but now that he’s getting older, we have learned that he is definitely male.  He’s also starting to develop some orange freckles on his face, another male characteristic.  (Males often have orange and red faces, though not always.)


July 2012:


         Teeny tiny!

October 2014:


Cashew was our little runt for the longest time.  Peanut was growing and growing and Cashew just wasn’t.  But never fear — one day he became the Hulk and all this new shell came in almost before our eyes.  (That light ring at the base of his shell is more new growth.)  There were days when I’d see him in the morning and then by evening I’d swear he’d grown more in just those few hours!  He is also a male.  I always thought he was because he has had little orange racing stripes on his face since we got him, hehe.

Cashew is our crazy turtle.  He’s our own personal drill sergeant. We think he knows my alarm clock noise because he loves to get up when I do.  I come into the living room, turn on the light, and there’s that turtle – already awake and ready to get up!  On the days when I do sleep in, I can sometimes lay in bed and hear him beating on the glass of his cage — “Get up!  Get up!!!  I am hungry!!”

Cashew knows no fear.  When I hold Peanut, he finds a nice warm spot so he can cuddle up and snuggle.  There is hardly any snuggling with Cashew!  David usually has Cashew, and that turtle will climb all the way up to David’s shoulder, and then turn around, head facing downwards, put both arms and both legs straight out, and then sllliiiiiiiiidddeee on his belly all the way down!  David has to have a blockade ready for him so he doesn’t go off onto the floor!  He loves it.  He will do this over and over and over again.  It’s really funny to watch, and you can tell he’s having a great time.

Side-by-side, they are almost identical now in size:

In their water bowl.  They used to swim around in here together, but clearly now it's a one-at-a-time event.  (Those are shavings on Cashew's back from the cage - he was buried under them a few moments prior.)

In their water bowl. They used to swim around in here together, but clearly now it’s a one-at-a-time event. (Those are shavings on Cashew’s back from the cage – he was buried under them a few moments prior.)

Cashew is the darker one on the left, and Peanut is the lighter one on the right.  That’s really the fastest way to tell them apart anymore – they are just too close in size to judge!

My only question: how did they get so big!!

photo 1



They love their food.

Cashew, the Ninja Turtle — November 26, 2013


Cashew gets to take little field trips outside every once in awhile.  He loves being outside!  He zooms around all over the yard – super fast – and climbs over leaves and tall grass without any fear.  He also chases bugs and once ate a slug he found on the side of the house.  He is full of energy and you have to watch him every second because his speed and his camouflage only add to his ninja skills.

Here is one of his little adventures:

He gets so tired outside that he comes in and wants to cuddle up and take a nap in our hands as soon as he gets back inside.

(Peanut, on the other hand, is strictly an indoor turtle.  He hates going outside!  We finally just quit taking him out because it seems traumatic to him.  He will stand frozen and stiff-legged in the grass, just staring ahead until someone finally has mercy on him and picks him back up. Poor little guy!  He just would rather enjoy the good life inside the house.)


Coming to the movies this week:  Frozen, and Black Nativity.

Frozen – This movie is going to be crazy busy.  The previews at first made it look more like a comedy, but the more recent ones I’ve seen try to make it seem like it’s going to be more like a musical on the level with “The Lion King.”  We are getting phone call after phone call for this movie, so it’s going to be big.

Black Nativity – This one is going to be crazy busy too.  I didn’t know what it was until just recently, but it has a ton of stars in it and looks like it’s going to have a huge crowd.  Predictions are really high for this one.  Churches are wanting to bring groups to come see it!  And, surprisingly, we don’t really have much in the way of holiday-themed movies this year.  That’s unusual.  This year it looks like it’s just this one, and then the Madea Christmas movie starts pretty soon.  That alone will help this movie do well.


When The Fair is in The Air — November 11, 2013

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One of my most favorite days of the year happened last week – our annual Fair Day at the State Fair of Louisiana!  I know I say that every year, but every year it is true!  I crave our annual fair day!  I start looking forward to it months in advance, and by the time we actually get the fair dates for the year, I am just itching to go.  It’s always a fun and relaxing day for us.

By now, we have visited the fair every year for well over a decade.  You could easily consider us “fair experts” at this point.  Many of the same vendors come year after year, and they set up in almost the same spots on the midway time after time.  It’s great for us because we well know exactly where to go to get the “best” things.  Our tater twister (country chips/ribbon fries) guy sets up in the same place every year.  We were starving by the time we got there, and our taters were just perfectly amazing!  There is a fine line between perfectly cooking the fries and getting them overdone, but they do it right year after year.

Only a few years ago we discovered this amazing homemade root beer stand:

The most delicious root beer!  It is non-carbonated and caffeine free, and we drank tons.

The most delicious root beer! It is non-carbonated and caffeine free, and we drank tons.

So we scoped out the tater twisters and the root beer stand as soon as we got there.  As always, we sat at our usual picnic table nearby and ate and drank as we listened to the sounds of the “World’s Largest Alligator and Crocodile” stand nearby. (including the endless speech loop: “And, YES, they ARE alive.”)  I don’t know what we’re going to do when those crocs die because it’s just part of our fair ambiance by now, hehe!  At one point, I sat back, took a huge swig of root beer, and proclaimed, “This is complete happiness, right here.”  David totally agreed!

Of course, we had to stop and feed the giraffes.  We cannot miss that!  :)  Twiggs was happy to see us too.  We got there at a great time when there weren’t too many people around so we got lots of one-on-one time.



The cool thing is, even though the Fair is the same every year, it’s always different too.  David and I were walking along hand-in-hand down the midway, just looking around.  We rarely buy anything other than food for us and food for Twiggs, so I was just casually glancing at all the wares as we passed each stand.  Suddenly, I stopped short and dragged David into a tent behind me.  Look what we found!



I don’t even know how I saw these, and he didn’t either!  The head on the little one moves, and the head and legs on the big one move.  We could not resist them!

The larger lighter one is for Peanut:

Peanuttwinand the smaller darker one is for Cashew:

CashewtwinI think they like their little twins.  :)

Can’t wait for next year!


Coming to the movies this week – Best Man Holiday

Best Man Holiday – Uh, well, I think we’re all just waiting for next weekend anyway, right?  (Catching Fire!)

Worms for Breakfast Make Everything Better — November 7, 2013


Turtles love mornings!  Peanut and Cashew love their mornings, and their morning routine.

First, they love to sleep near each other

We're awake!  Sorta....

We’re awake! Sorta….

They have tons of room to spread out in their cage, but they’d rather be right up near each other. I have to uncover them each morning because they bury themselves under their shavings to sleep.  One morning, I uncovered them to find that Cashew was sleeping perpendicular to Peanut. They both put their heads in their shells when they go into a deep sleep, and this day, Cashew had parked himself right where Peanut couldn’t get his head out!  I kept seeing Peanut’s triangle-shaped nose trying to peek out, and then going back in because he was blocked.  Cashew surely thought it was funny.

After they wake up and blink sleepily into the light for a little bit, they get a good drink of water and paddle around in their water bowl, and then they get out and eat.   (Cashew often takes an additional dip in the pool. One day he got into the water five times while I was watching him.  He thinks he’s part water turtle.)

Then they’re usually sleepy again.  Sometimes the nap attacks before they get buried:

unnhhh.  So sleepy.....

unnhhh. So sleepy…..

but other times they get comfy before catching a snooze:



But still, there are days when they just need to get out and stretch their legs!  They come bang on the glass (with their shells, hands or beaks) to let us know that we need to come get them out.  They are very persistent. (and too cute to resist!)

Can we go to work with you today?  We'll be good - we promise!

Can we go to work with you today? We’ll be good – we promise!

Sounds like a nice morning, right?

Coming to the movies this week – Thor: The Dark World – I hope we’ll be really busy this weekend for this one!  People aren’t talking about it as much as I hoped, but still, we should have a good turnout.  I’m ready for us to get into our busy season again.  It’s time, even though I can easily skip past Thor completely.  :)


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