When Things Are Just Plain GOOD. — April 4, 2015

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I feel like I’m in this golden moment right now. Do you ever get one of those?  I’m just inexplicably happy.  I think my general persona is a pretty happy one, but right now, it’s a genuine all-over, just plain GOOD feeling.

I’ve been trying to find reasons, and I think it’s just a general convergence of a lot of the things I like, all just coming together at once.

1.  Daylight Savings Time is back.  That’s a life-affirming bonus X 1000.  I don’t know what happens to me in the winter, but the constant darkness is just not for me!  Having light in the evenings is really my favorite, even if I’m just staying indoors.

2. I can finally leave the house without a jacket on most days.  (And live to tell the tale.)

3. I am getting “think time” at work.  This is such an amazing feature of this job.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a job where I’m blatantly encouraged to “zone in” on what I’m doing.  My brain is in love.  We even had a meeting just this week where we talking about the importance of keeping interruptions to a minimum.  Yes!

(I went through a phase several months back where I got insanely jealous of those Edward Jones commercials that were constantly on tv.  They were talking about how they believe in their advisors having “think time” to better serve their clients.  My life at the bank at that point was one solid interruption after another, and that commercial made me so jealous!)

I was at work one day this week and I was working on a claim that was really difficult and complex for me right now.  I was going through all my information trying to come out with the right decision, and I didn’t really even know how deeply I was focused until I was done.

When I finished, I sat back in my chair and I felt like I literally came up for air!  I kind of looked all around me, just to make sure nothing important had happened while I was so absorbed.  It was a great feeling.

4. David and I got to continue our Easter tradition of visiting the baby duck and chicks at the feed store.


They’re just so cute.  :)  They had a different type of chicken this year that I’d never seen there before.  I’m not sure what they were, but they almost looked like little owls from the way they are colored.  They were neat!

5. I am walking to work on days that weather permits and I don’t have another job to go to afterwards.  It’s been really great, and it only takes me maybe one or two minutes longer to walk to work than to drive when considering the time of getting in and out of the car and also across the parking lot.

I was walking the other morning — it was about 7:30 — and I found my singing on the way to work!

Of course, I was definitely channeling this guy:

Right – we don’t sing when other cars are passing us!

Look, I am not the person who goes down the street singing!

But, for right now….maybe I am!



The Easter Babies 2013 — March 31, 2013


Yay that spring is finally here!  Spring is my favorite season and Easter is definitely my favorite holiday.  I love the nice weather, the new leaves and flowers that are coming out everywhere, and all the little birds flying around with sticks in their mouths for their little nests.

And, of course, one of our favorite traditions – the Easter babies!


Tons of baby chicks this year!

It’s so fun to walk into the feed store and hear a chorus of “Peeps” coming from the back of the store.  :)  They had a lot more fuzzy babies this year than last year.

There were two tubs of ducks.  These were the dry ducks.  Every single duck in the other tub was wet!  I guess they had been playing in their water.  :)

There were two tubs of ducks. These were the dry ducks. Every single duck in the other tub was wet! I guess they had been playing in their water. :)


Too cute.

And, of course there were geese.  The goslings this year were a lot larger than the usual ones.  It’s funny how they have such a commanding attitude even when they are little!  They already know that they rule the place.


The chicks and ducks all run to the opposite side of the tub when someone approaches. The goslings all run towards you!

The funny thing this year were how alert and active they all were!  We’ve had times before when they were all sleepy, and I’ve even had baby chicks fall asleep in my hand!  This year…everyone was wide awake and ready to run!  It made getting pictures a bit of challenge:

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear. Looks like I am taking a picture with a banana.



This little duck had cute marks on his head.

This little duck had cute markings on his head.

Of course, even the fuzziest of Easter babies can’t really hold a candle to coming home and finding out that a turtle has been waiting for your arrival:



Peanut set up his little peephole and stayed on lookout all day.  :)  He likes to keep track of us!  It’s cute how often he does this.





Peeps Part 2 — April 8, 2012


Peeps Part 2: The Real Peeps of Harrison County –

Easter Babies Play Day!

One of my favorite days came last week when we made our annual trip to the feed store to play with all the Easter babies!  There is so much cuteness in the teeny tiny form of a baby duck or little chick.  They are so light and fragile!  I just love them.

(Side Note: We got really fancy this year and did video!!  I just taught myself how to edit the videos on YouTube, and naturally I learned this new skill through a YouTube tutorial on video editing. hehe.  Meta!  It worked though, and it makes me feel so fancy to learn something new.)

The great thing about video is that you can actually hear the little “peep peep” of the little ducks:

(Several of the other ducks were attacking my ring!  They’ve never done that before!)

The ducks were all pretty quiet….and then we got to the chickens……this one that David was holding was particularly LOUD!  None of the others were as loud as this.

All the babies were in large feeding tubs with a heat lamp of sorts attached to them.  The ducks were pretty calmly walking around their area.  The chickens were dashing wildly back and forth and side to side!  They almost looked like a school of fish in the way they were turning corners all at the same time.   I was watching this and I kept laughing at them because the little chicks kept falling under the spell of the heat lamp!  They would be running fast as they could down the length of their tub and then a portion of them would get directly under the warmth of the lamp.  Suddenly these swift chicks became little tottering old men.  So funny.  They would start doing this wobbly slow walk as they made the arduous and sleepy trek out of the heated section….and then whoosh!….the temperature would cool down and they’d wake up and be off running again.   My favorites were the ones who were a little too close to the edge of the tub when the heat started getting to them.  Most of them would just stop and start nodding off….leaning…leaning…and then *conk!* they would fall against the wall in their sleepy state.

My most favorite part, though, was when the baby duck fell asleep in my hand.  (Remember when the chicken fell asleep on me last year?)  I completely fell in love.  Most of the babies are pretty squirmy when you pick them up, but this guy just settled right in for a little snooze.

He was so completely asleep that I think he was dreaming!  I could see eye movement and every so often, his little beak would twitch against my hand.  I don’t know how long we would have sat there if he hadn’t awakened on his own, because I wasn’t about disturb his slumber!

Sweet dreams, little duckling!

Hope everyone’s Easter was a cute and fuzzy as mine.  :)


My Easter Babies!! — April 21, 2011


Yesterday was the day for one of my favorite Easter traditions – playing with the little chickens and ducks at the feed store!  :)

I love little fuzzy animals!

They had geese this year also.  David and I went and we were there forever!  I just love the little babies.

The little duck was so squirmy!

I think the little ducks are just so cute.  I held a baby goose also (the first pic)- it was very loud compared to the ducks.  The little ducks were quietly saying, “Peep, Peep, Peep….” but the geese were letting out a high pitched, “Squawk!”  You could definitely tell which were which!

The geese are the larger, lighter colored ones. They are only cute as babies! Scary as adults!

The little ducks and geese were very feisty in their container.  They were waddling all over the place and slurping their water loudly.  They also were nearly impossible to catch!

The little chickens were just the opposite.  Nearly all of them were asleep!  They weren’t “just” asleep…it looked like sleep attacked them! They were these little blobs sprawled out in their container, as if they were just walking along, and, THWOMP!, sleep hit them and they tumped forward into their nap.  One little guy had his legs sticking straight out! :)

I picked one up, and he just sat there all nicely in my hand.  I was petting him, and before I knew it, those little eyelids started getting really heavy!  He started nodding off right in my hand! So cute. He’d catch himself every once in awhile and would jerk his head back up and open his eyes groggily….but that never lasted for long before sleep would take over again.

sleepy little eyes...

can't stop nodding off...

Completely conked out...

I held my sleepy chicken and looked at all the others.  A gnat started buzzing around in their container.  The awake chickens went crazy!  hehehe.  Almost all of them were moving their heads in the same zigzagging motion as the gnat’s flight path, and a few of them went running crazily around trying to catch it!  No one ever got it though.  (And by this time, my chicken was really snoozing!  He had given up trying to fight it and by now had his little beak resting in my hand.)

I went to put him down, but he did not want to leave!

I had my hand wide open so he could just step off, but he wanted none of it.  Another chicken got brave and stalked over to peck my finger! heheheh.  He thought he was so tough, but I couldn’t really even feel it.

We finally tore ourselves away, and then went and did some driving around.  I love our aimless driving trips, and we haven’t been doing that nearly enough lately!  We ended up at Jalapeno Tree for dinner.  :)  What a perfect little date!