Every year, at least once, either David or I say, “You know what we should do this year?  Go to a Rangers game!”

And most years, it starts and stops with that sentence.

Some years I will go so far as to look at the home game schedule, but we never get much past that point.

This year, David hooked me in:

“Guess what the new ballpark food is this year?”  he says.

“OOOooooooh, what?!?!”, I reply, and suddenly the plans were on.  (He knows me well.)

So this year’s new foods are a large array of bacon products (which I will take a pass on…but really, now…bacon cotton candy?!), fried corn (yes!), and, what I wanted most of all, S’mOreos, which are deep-fried-oreo-smores.

So, off we went to Arlington and the Globe Life Park…to see the Texas Rangers play…and to fulfill our fried food mission.

We stopped in Longview along the way because we needed some fries to get us started, and we found our theme for the trip:

wpid-2015-05-13-18.48.09.jpg.jpegWe booked a room at the Howard Johnson hotel, which was right next to Six Flags and the Ballpark.  We mapped it out and realized that it would be a lot easier to walk to and from the hotel.  It was so close!  Why pay for parking if you can walk!

As we checked in, we found out that Arlington has a free trolley service from various hotels to the Ballpark, so we decided that would work just as well.

wpid-2015-05-13-18.46.53.jpg.jpegI had very strategically booked our seats at the ballpark.  Globe Life Park’s website is pretty neat because they actually let you see what food offerings are in each section!

It didn’t take long to see that the State Fare Stand in Section 41 was going to be our perfect seats…


And here we are, Section 41!


(You know how it is when you are too excited to hold the camera still!)

So, we decided to start off easy, with ballpark nachos:

wpid-2015-05-13-18.44.21.jpg.jpegEasy, delicious, and gets the appetite geared up for the goodness yet to come.

I had to be the one to get up to go get the nachos, so David took the task of getting up to get us some Fried Corn.

We were about 3 innings in by this point.  I started to look around to see who all else booked their seats based on the food offerings:

To the right:

wpid-2015-05-13-18.43.41.jpg.jpeghmm…..rather empty there….

To the left:


Oh.  Seems like I’m the only one who scrambled to get into Section 41.  How interesting. :)

But the view was actually really good!  (Lucky accident, because we were sitting in 41 or else, right.)

wpid-2015-05-13-18.42.36.jpg.jpegWe did have some people in front of us.  They were really nice.  They shared their funnel cake fries with us, which was super, since I had them on my “maybe I will try….but maybe I won’t” list for the day.  (The funnel cake fries were pretty good.  They were a lot more chewy than regular funnel cake, but also not as sweet.  I probably wouldn’t choose section 41 again based on funnel cake fries alone.)

So, after nearly forever, David comes back to report that my State Fare stand was out of fried corn!!!!  What!!!!!

So I sent him after these beauties instead:

wpid-2015-05-13-18.41.40.jpg.jpegGarlic fries.  Stand back all vampires.  These things were so strong.

We shared our garlic fries with our funnel cake fry neighbors, since we were sure to be breathing garlic fumes on them for the rest of the game.  (Maybe THAT’S why they left early!)  They agreed that the fries were quite good.

That was a huge order of fries, so we took an eating break after that for a bit, and then….it was time for our main event:


It was my turn to get up, so off I went!



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  Why, cruel world?!  How can my S’mOreo dreams be crushed in one mere instant?  This is exactly how.  Closed.  CLOSED!!!!

It hurt me to have to share that news with David.  Of course, we couldn’t help but laugh.  Our main incentives for attending the game – demolished just like that.

So, luckily, the Rangers won:

wpid-2015-05-13-18.40.29.jpg.jpegAnd David surprised me by wanting us to walk back to the hotel instead of waiting for the trolley.  It really was an easy walk.  I would definitely stay there again — and now, we HAVE to go again because there’s still food that I must try!


Also, thanks to my co-workers who decorated my cubicle at work today for my birthday:


It was a fun day full of cupcakes, chips, and lot of nice wishes from everyone.  :)