Ahhh, the 1980’s, when you couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing Sy Sperling’s famous tagline….

My facebook feed has been like its own little hair club lately.  It seems that everyone is getting new haircuts for summer…so, why not join in?

The before… (with a baby duck….no, we didn’t buy him….this is from last week’s trip to the feed store!)


Shane came down for the afternoon for haircut moral support….


He is always great about getting the haircut footage –





I am donating my hair again, of course.  I got about 11-12 inches cut off, so I hope that will be really helpful to someone who would love to have some thick curly hair!  :)

This time, I will be donating my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  This is my first time to donate to this organization, since all my previous donations have been to Locks of Love.

(Locks of Love seems to have gotten a bit of a bad rap lately, but I wonder if some of this isn’t just being taken out of context.  They are being accused to selling their wigs, rather than giving them away to children who need them.  In truth, their website has always stated that they do provide free services to those in financial need, but might charge others due to their financial state.  They have also stated clearly that they do sell any hair donations that are deemed unacceptable (too short to use for a wig, too damaged, etc.)  They say that they put the proceeds from these sales back into their organization.  I haven’t done extensive research for myself, but I would hate to think that people would stop giving to them based on a few angry people.  Hair donation, like blood donation, provides a commodity that just isn’t easily replicated.)

***Off the soapbox…I just really have a passion for this!***

I decided to give to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths programs this go-around for no particular reason, other than that Pantene focuses on wigs for grown women who are suffering from hair loss, and adults are just as deserving as children.


So, yay for short hair!  It’s always a welcome change after all the time it takes to grow it out, and I was quite ready. I will miss my long hair, but I will not miss those marathon de-tangling sessions!