David just bought me a brand new tablet.  :)  It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab S.  Excited!  We got a great deal on it, so we also bought the matching bluetooth Samsung keyboard. I guess I’m starting to build out my Samsung collection, since this adds to and coordinates with my Galaxy S5 phone really well.  It even has a feature called SideSync, where it syncs with the phone and puts the phone on the tablet screen.  It’s like picture in picture, hehe.  I can toggle between the phone and the tablet, and since the phone itself is emulated onto the tablet, I can text with the keyboard.  That’s pretty neat.

Before this, I had an older ipad2, so the resolution difference (especially in reading ebooks) is pretty remarkable.

But here’s the thing — as much as I like all the cool features of this new tablet, honestly, this is just another thing we have that does all the things.  It’s true!  Besides some small novel details, the tablet does the same thing as the phone, which does the same thing as the ipad, which does the same thing as the laptop, which does the same thing as the desktop.  When do you stop needing another thing that does everything?

There are two people who live in this house, so we have a max of two people who can use the internet at any one time.  (We’re still training the turtles on technology use…..)


(…..but they already enjoy watching their own videos.  This is Peanut re-living his outdoor shower.)

So if there are only two of us, why do we need so many Internet enabled devices?  We can’t really use all of them at once.  (Although one day I had my desktop, tablet, and phone all going at the same time and I felt pretty gifted to keep all those plates spinning!)

A friend’s husband wrote an article once, and even though it’s over a year old now, it has kept replaying in my mind all this time:

Smart TVs, smart fridges, smart washing machines? Disaster waiting to happen.

This is exactly the problem with the fact that everything does everything.  You can’t possibly keep up!  Do we just throw out my Galaxy S5 when the S6 comes out in a few days?  What about when my new tablet is no longer the latest and greatest?  Not to mention our Wii, which is generation one of the Wii system.  Stand back everyone, we’re retro!

I was at work at the cinema a few months back, talking with one of the guys who works with me.  We were mid-conversation when he got a text, and pulled his phone out of his pocket to sneak a quick peek at it.

“Oh, that was from my washing machine.”, he says, putting the phone back in his pocket.

I just had to laugh at that.  “You get texts from your washing machine, now, huh?”

So he continued to explain that they had just gotten a new machine with all the bells and whistles, and he set it up to text him when it was finished washing.

This immediately made me envious, because in our life, we still have to walk to the machine to see if it’s done!  Our house’s layout is such that the washer and dryer are in the garage.  To get to the garage, you have to walk outside and across the front of the house to check the laundry, which is not super fun when it’s cold or rainy.  Not long after we moved in, we went and got a cheapie baby monitor and put one side on the washing machine and the other side in the house.  Voila! No unnecessary treks!

But to have the texting feature built in….hmmmm….

So, when do we stop needing more of the things that do everything?