We are always trying out new foods with our turtles.  After the now-Internet-famous video of the raspberry eating turtle (also named Peanut!), we decided to see if our babies would eat raspberries.  David’s parents had a container of raspberries one day, so we snagged a few and brought them home.  Both our turtles nudged at them with their noses:

hmmm….this does not appear to be a worm…… I am not impressed.


This might actually be pretty good! I might have to try it!

So Peanut just totally did not even try the raspberry.  He walked off indignantly.  Cashew, though, at least tasted it!

That was all he wanted of it though!  I gave them several other raspberries over the next few days, and even cut them up for them, but nope.  Not interested!  I guess we won’t get famous on the interwebs for our raspberry eating skills.


We did have a lot of success with another new thing we tried recently – a Turtlebone!  Yep, our turtles eat bones!

(This was the first time Peanut saw the bone.  It is brand new here.  Note how smooth it is.)

These are actually cuttlefish bones and are essentially the same thing that you’d put in a bird cage.  I read about them in my turtle book and since they were only a couple of dollars at Petsmart, I figured we didn’t have anything to lose!  They help the turtles get more calcium in their diets and they also help their little “beaks” not to get overgrown.  I noticed early on that Peanut had a rapidly growing beak, and he was even starting to get “tusks” before we got him the Turtlebone!

Peanut LOVES this thing!  He chews on it at least once a day that I know of.  He’s loud too!  It sounds like he’s sharpening a knife when he clamps down on it!  Look how much he’s eaten:

Little triangle-shaped bites all over the bone.

He’s funny though because he doesn’t want anyone to watch him eat it.  If he sees me come into the room when he’s eating his bone, he’ll turn around and scamper off.  However…..there is evidence……

….well……that just looks suspicious……. :)

I just crack up every time I see him with that white mustache!  It has done wonders for his beak though.  No more tusks!!  I’m glad he likes it so much.

I haven’t seen Cashew eating off the bone yet.  I hope he does.  His beak hasn’t really needed the trimming down that Peanut’s did, so maybe he just hasn’t felt the need to chew on it yet.  (Or else he’s just sneaky and I haven’t seen him!)

We love to nap under here!