Whew!  Life has been extremely busy lately!  I’ve started to wake up every morning with these questions first in my mind:  1. Where am I going today?  2. What time do I need to be there?, and 3. Did I get up at the right time?  So far I’ve made it to the correct job on the correct day at the correct time, but you know it’s only a matter of time before I show up at the right place with the wrong keys, or something similar!

I am very much enjoying being back at the cinema.  It felt like I was back home from my first evening there and it’s been really nice to be back in that little world!  It’s funny that it has hardly changed at all! (And yes, Clarissa, you were right – you never forget how to make popcorn!)

But today we are going to talk about all the cuteness of the little baby turtles living in my house.  I can’t help but marvel at how they continue to do cute things every day to impress us and make us laugh.

Peanut and Cashew still take their morning baths every morning.  My morning schedule is different just about every day, so sometimes they are waiting by their water container for me to hurry up and get there, and other days I have to unbury them from the depths of their cage and wake them up.  (They’re so cute with their little sleepy eyes!)

Cashew is on the left and Peanut is on the right.

Peanut is much larger than Cashew these days!  In fact, Peanut sometimes nearly crowds Cashew out of the water.  He just shoves Cashew to the side when he wants to walk around.  Cashew is still a little runt, but he eats worms like crazy now so he’s sure to start catching up soon.  (And yes, those pink things to the side of the water are doorstops.  We are using them as turtle ramps!  They have a bit of a time trying to get into that water container, so we were hoping the ramps would help.  Well, they love going up the ramps….but then they can’t decide what to do next!  They can’t quite make the connection that they’re by their water, so they just end up coming back down the ramp.  Hehe. I finally bought them a very small water container that they can step in and out of more easily, so they do have access to water when we’re not around.)

Cashew is contemplating getting out of his bath. (Peanut is hoping to see worms appear.)


Cashew is moving so fast that he’s a blur! (And yes, Peanut’s lips are stained black from eating worms covered in dirt! I think it gives him a hilarious little smirk.)

Cashew’s little routine in the mornings is to get out of his bath and start munching on his morning leaf.  Sometimes he is so loud with his leaf that I can hear him all the way into the bedroom!  Peanut isn’t much of a morning eater.  He likes to dry off under his log, nap a little, and then come back for his leaf.  It’s unusual to see both of them at their leaf together.  They’ll nibble on just about any green leaf, but they love butter lettuce the best.  They eat nearly a whole leaf every day.  (I think this is Cashew’s favorite food next to worms.)

Peanut has long ago decided that worms are the best food ever. (Second choice might just be tomatoes.) If you remember, it took Cashew a little longer to get on the worm bandwagon, but now he loves them too.  It was funny how one day he just turned!  I was offering him worms every time I fed Peanut, but he would always walk right past.  Then one day, he picked up a worm in his mouth and carried it off and buried it.  I thought that was weird, but then the next day, he went and unburied it and ate it!  And that was all it took!

Of course, this has led to some funny moments between the two turtles.  I started out trying to feed Cashew surreptitiously, trying to give him his worms before Peanut even noticed.  That did not work out well!  Cashew is a slow eater and it was only a matter of time before Peanut noticed what was going on.  A mad turtle would suddenly appear at the opening of his log, glaring out at the sight before him.  Then Peanut would take off running like a freight train, straight for Cashew and the worms!  (A running turtle is truly a most hilarious sight.  He looks like he’s doing a very fast army crawl, and it’s surprisingly loud!)

One time Cashew was eating his worms and had his back to the oncoming freight train that was Peanut.  Peanut was barreling ahead at full speed and Cashew was completely oblivious.  Peanut clamored over into Cashew’s bowl, started to stomp right on Cashew, trampling him, and had just about reached for the worm in Cashew’s mouth when I stood up and said, “NO! We do not steal food!”  All the scuffling in the cage completely came to a stand still!  Two little turtle heads looked straight up at me, and then Cashew bent his head down and went, “Ptooey!” and spit out the worm.  hehe!

So now we have to feed the babies separately.  Peanut eats his out of his worm plate outside of the cage.  Cashew prefers to eat his in the water, so he stands in the little water dish and eats his.  Peanut knows his worm plate and he seems to always have one eye looking out for it.  Watch him appear at the end of the log –

He’s very dramatic about his eating.  He loves to chomp down on them.  The pieces are usually still wriggling and I think he likes to make it a challenge by swooping down on them.   One day I cut the segments a little longer than usual, and when he chomped down on one, the worm jerked up and the other end of the segment hit him in the eye!  He was completely unfazed by it all and just kept eating.

And we can’t forget our little Cashew:

Lately we’ve been experimenting with letting them swim and dive for their worms.  They like to swim!  We put them in the water together so they sometimes end up battling over the worms.  There was an epic tug-of-war the other day!  (Peanut used his size to win, hehe)

Every day is fun with these little babies!